Michele Montalbano

Two Upcoming Shows of my new Cyanotypes

"The Bluesy Mellow"
Workhouse Art Center Building #5 November 9 - December 6 2021

"Portraits of a Still Life" Monochrome Collective
November 6 - November 15 2021

During the pandemic induced shelter in place, I had limited access to a studio and I spent three days a week caring for a four year old. I was uncertain about how to be productive as an artist with these new limitations. I would continue painting in my studio when possible but I also wanted a project that I could do at home.
The idea of camera less photography was inspired one afternoon when a forest of tree shadows appeared on my wall. This mural which was a fleeting expression of the beauty of nature, created by nature, brought to mind the sun prints that children make.
I was inspired to try camera-less photography, a project that both me and a four year old would enjoy. We began with simple materials, toys and stencils found in the home. What began as child’s play led to an enthusiasm to research and discover the possibilities of cyanotype as an art form. I had more time to experiment with a new medium and a new desire to capture the sunlight.
The Bluesy Mellow exhibition includes two different series of photograms. “Gossamer Garb” uses clothing as the photographic negative. “The Night Gardener" series is constructed with plant life, found objects, and drawings.